Breast Touching Torture

October 30th, 2016

My tease and denial wife generally does not allow me to touch her breasts. She has me earn my breast touching time. I earn the time by helping my wife have orgasms. For each orgasm that I help her to have, with my mouth or my hand, I earn 2 seconds. I have to earn at least a minute before my wife will sit down and allow me to touch her breasts.

When I say touch, what I mean is caress. When I’ve earned enough time, and my wife agrees, we go to the bedroom. I sit down on the bed with my back against the headboard. My wife takes off her top and bra, and sits down on the bed with her back against my chest. She sets a kitchen timer, and tells me, “You may begin.”

I may only caress her breasts. I may not squeeze her breasts. I may not touch her nipples. When the kitchen timer goes off, I must remove my hands from her breasts.

If you’ve already done the math, I have to help my wife have 30 or more orgasms to caress her breasts for a minute. It usually takes me around 5 to 6 weeks to earn a minute.

The reason I’m telling you about my limited breast touching is so you’ll understand why I’m so willing to entertain her friend with benefits, Chuck.

When my wife wants to show Chuck what a sadistic bitch she can be to me, the three of us go out to the deck in the back yard. Chuck sits in a lounger to watch the show. My wife puts a noose around my neck. The noose prevents me from squatting or kneeling on the deck. I can stand and bend my legs slightly.

My wife ties my wrists together in front of me with a cord, runs the cord through a screw eye in the deck floor, and ties the other end of the cord to my balls. I can raise my hands as high as my wife’s waist. To raise my hands any higher, I have to bend my legs.

Once my wife has me securely tied up, she puts lots of baby oil on her breasts. Then she stands in front of me, lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and tells me, “You may play with my boobs until I finish this cigarette.”

I bend my legs as far as the noose lets me. I can raise my hands to about two inches under her breasts. To actually touch her breasts, I have to pull on my balls as hard as I can, If I bend my legs too much, the noose tightens around my neck.

After maybe 30 seconds, either my legs get wobbly or my balls hurt too much, and I have to straighten up and rest. My wife says something like, “That’s it? I let you grab my tits and you barely touch them.”

Chuck laughs.

The noose doesn’t loosen when I stand up. After resting for a bit, I try again. By the time she puts out her cigarette, I’ve touched the underside of her breasts with my finger tips for maybe a minute.

I have to be careful not to let the noose get too tight. The reason I have to be careful shows what a sadistic bitch my wife can be, especially when she wants to impress Chuck.

After she puts out her cigarette, she goes over to Chuck, and they start making out. It might be an hour or more before Chuck fucks her oily breasts. It’s not until Chuck has cum and relaxes on the lounger again that my wife gets up to untie me and take the noose off. Basically, I have to stand on the deck tied up watching them for as long as they want to fool around. I have my stainless steel cock cage on, so I can’t even get hard watching them fool around.

So basically, I put on a show for Chuck to get an extra minute of breast touching time.

Here’s a captioned picture to illustrate the torture: Oily Boobs

Our Weekend Getaway

September 10th, 2016

This is a story about how my sadistic wife tortures me when we go to her parents’ cabin.

My wife, Patricia, sexually teases me. She keeps my cock locked in a stainless steel cock cage, and only lets it out to edge me. She is sadistic, so every so often, she torments me in addition to the sexual teasing.

One of Patricia’s torments is for us to spend the weekend at her parent’s cabin in the woods. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It would be, for other couples. For me, it’s a weekend long torture.

Patricia plans 4 or 5 cabin getaways a year, around once a month from May through September. I’m told about each getaway the Friday that we’re leaving. Patricia has already packed everything we’ll need for the weekend. All I have to do is load up the car, and we’re on our way.

The trip to the cabin takes about 3 hours. We stop at a restaurant on the way and have dinner. Closer to the cabin, we stop at a grocery store to get food for the weekend.

Once we get to the cabin, I put the groceries away, and join my wife in the bedroom. I get undressed, use the bathroom, and take a shower. When I come back into the bedroom, I lie down on the carpeted floor near the foot of the bed. She locks my wrists together behind my back with a pair of leather wrist restrains and a padlock. She locks my ankles together with a pair of leather ankle restrains and a padlock.

Now I’m lying on the floor facing away from the bed. Patricia takes a chain, locks one end to my wrist restrains, threads the chain behind one of the bed legs, and locks the other end to my ankle restraints. I can’t go anywhere until she unlocks me.

My comfort depends on how sadistic Patricia feels. If she uses the whole chain, my legs are fairly straight. If she pulls my ankles into my wrists, and uses almost no chain, my knees are too bent for me to get much sleep. If she uses part of the chain, I might or might not be comfortable.

Tonight, she uses most of the chain, so I can get some sleep.

Patricia takes a shower. When she comes back into the bedroom, she gets into bed and uses a vibrator for as long as she wants before she goes to sleep. All I can do is lie there, listen to the vibrator, and smell her scent filling the room. I can’t even get hard with the cock cage.

I wake up long before morning. I can hear Patricia breathing in bed. There’s nothing I can do but wait for her to wake up and unlock me from the chains. The room gets brighter as the sun comes up. Finally, I hear her get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I hear her getting dressed, but I can’t see her.

Patricia comes over to where I’m lying. She’s wearing a bikini top and denim shorts. She leaves me lying on the floor while she makes herself breakfast. When she returns to the bedroom, she unlocks my chain and restraints.

Patricia allows me to put socks and shoes on. She locks a short chain to my ankles and a longer chain from my neck to my wrists. These are the slave chains that I’ll wear all day. They keep me from working too quickly.

We go outside, and Patricia shows me where she wants me to clear brush and improve the path to the lake. She watches me for a while before she goes back inside the cabin to wait for Chuck.

I spend the entire day working on improving the property. My wife spends the day in the cabin with Chuck fucking.

When it’s dinner time, my wife comes and gets me. She’s still wearing her bikini top and denim shorts. I’m allowed to take a shower before I prepare dinner for the both of them. While they eat I stand by the table and watch.

After Chuck and my wife have dinner, she scrapes the scraps into a bowl and puts the bowl down on the floor in the living room. I get on my hands and knees on the other side of the room. My wife locks 200 pounds of barbell weights to my cock and balls, and sits on the sofa with Chuck.

It takes me a little over an hour to crawl across the room to the bowl of food while Chuck and my wife watch on the sofa. After I’ve eaten like a dog, my wife unlocks me from the barbell weights, and brings me in the bedroom.

I’m allowed to use the bathroom before my wife locks me to the bed. After my wife locks my wrists and ankles together, she asks Chuck , “How much chain should I give him?”

Chuck answers, “He worked hard today, give him a foot.”

My wife looks at me and says, “Chuck is being nice. I don’t think you deserve more than 6 inches, but I’ll allow you a foot.” She locks me to the bed.

I hear Chuck and my wife take a shower. When they get into bed I hear them fuck. After a long while, I hear them snoring. I don’t sleep much.

The next morning Chuck and my wife get up. They get dressed and go have breakfast. After breakfast, she unlocks me from the bed. I’m allowed to put socks and shoes on.

My wife and I walk to the lake, about a quarter mile from the cabin. I’m carrying two 5 gallon metal buckets. I’m glad to be walking as my muscles are still stiff from lying on the floor. She lies on a lounger while I fill the two buckets with rocks. Once the buckets are full, we return to a clearing near the cabin.

I set each of the buckets on a stool. My wife ties a rope to each of my forearms. She tosses the ropes over a tree branch. One branch is to my right and the other branch is to my left. She ties the other end of the ropes to the bucket handles.

I spread my legs about two feet apart. My wife bends over and ties my ankles to stakes in the ground. When she gets up, she checks all of the ropes to make sure they’re tied tightly. Then she pulls the stools out and lets the buckets of rocks drop.\\I wince as the buckets yank on my wrists and arms. My wife sprays some sunscreen on my back and legs before she goes back to the cabin.

A couple of hours later, Chuck and my wife come out to see me. My wife isn’t wearing her bikini top. This is the first time I’ve seen her breasts all weekend. I have to beg Chuck to manhandle my wife’s breasts in front of me to earn more spray sunscreen. After begging for a couple of minutes, Chuck spends the next five minutes or so manhandling my wife’s breasts.

My wife comes out every couple of hours or so to listen to me beg her to apply more sunscreen. This goes on all day, until it’s time for dinner. My wife dumps the rocks on the ground, unties me, and we go to the cabin.

I take a shower and make Chuck and my wife dinner,. After dinner, I crawl on the living room floor for my bowl of scraps. After I eat, Chuck leaves. After I’ve put my clothes back on and we’ve packed and cleaned up the cabin, we return home.

Holding Her Bra

April 5th, 2016

One torture that I came up with I call holding her bra.

My wife tells me her boyfriend Richard is coming over to spend the night or the whole weekend. Once she tells me this, we go upstairs to the bedroom. I get undressed, so that the only thing I’m wearing is my stainless steel cock cage. I’m allowed to use the bathroom. When I come out, my wife locks my wrists together behind my back with two leather wrist restraints. After buckling the restrains on my wrists, she locks them together with two padlocks and a 9 inch length of chain.

I put a hook in the wall, about 4 ½ feet off the floor. We walk over to the hook, and I bend over so that my wife can pull my wrists up behind my back and attach the chain to the hook. Once she does this, I straighten up a little, but I’m still bent forward at the waist.

My wife gets undressed. Once she’s undressed, she brings me the bra she was wearing, and holds it so I can clench the hook band or the eye band in my teeth. Once she lets go of the bra, she goes and takes a shower.

While she’s getting ready for Richard, I have to hold her bra in my clenched teeth. My wife has large breasts, so her bra weighs anywhere from 10 to 14 ounces, depending on whether it’s underwire or padded. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have to hold the bra for a long time. Getting ready means a shower, where she shaves her body, putting makeup on, and picking out a negligee or something else to wear. She can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes getting ready.

When she comes back to me, it’s obvious whether or not I’ve held her bra. If it’s still in my mouth, she takes it from me, thanks me, and tosses it in the underwear hamper. She unhooks the chain so I can stand straight again. She let’s me stand for a minute or two before we go down to the basement.

If the bra is on the floor, she picks it up and tosses it in the hamper. She doesn’t say anything, but I know she’ll tie me to the punishment chair for at least 2 hours after Richard leaves. She unhooks the chain so we can go down to the basement.

Once we’re in the basement, she’ll lock me to the basement wall. I have a 3 foot length of chain attached to the wall about 6 inches off the floor. She’ll have me kneel on the floor and lock the end of the basement wall chain to the chain attached to my wrist restraints with a padlock. I’ll remain locked in the basement until Richard leaves.

What I like about this torture is that it gives me something to do while my wife is getting ready. She’s naked for the most part, but it takes effort for me to lift my head up to see her. She knows this, and likes that I’m in the room with her but I can’t stare at her while she’s getting ready.

I also like the idea that I get no reward for succeeding. She expects me to hold her bra in my clenched teeth for however long she takes to get ready. If I fail, however, she’ll tie me to the punishment chair.

Here are 3 captioned pictures that illustrate this idea.

Loving Wife Movie

March 26th, 2016

This is a story I wrote of a loving cuckold movie read through.

“Thank you Harmony and Rick for coming. This will be the first read through of our movie, Loving Wife.”

“Great. We read the script, and we love the concept. A wife that loves her husband and her boyfriend.”

“Yes, that’s what we’re going for. No verbal humiliation. Plenty of visual humiliation. Sit down and we’ll go over the script.”

The movie opens with your husband coming home from work. He’s dressed in business casual. Harmony, you’re wearing a blouse with a bra, and a skirt. You give him a kiss, and go into the kitchen. He puts his briefcase down, and sits on the sofa in the living room.

You call him for dinner. Dinner is chicken casserole and a salad. You sit down together at the dining room table and ask him about his day. He tells you about his day for a minute. You tell him about your day throughout the dinner. Harmony, we’re expecting you to come up with this monologue.

After dinner, you sit and watch TV. Sometime after you’ve both been sitting for a while, you pull up your skirt, take his hand, and put it on your bare pussy. He masturbates you with his hand until you cum.

Later, you both go to bed. He uses the bathroom and undresses first, and lies down on his side of the bed. We see for the first time that his cock is locked in a stainless steel cock cage. You lock his wrists to the headboard with a pair of leather wrist restraints attached with a 9 inch chain. You lock his ankles to the foot board with a pair of leather ankle restrains attached with a 9 inch chain. Then, you undress like you’re going to take a shower. Once you’re naked, you get into bed.

You kiss him and rub your body against his for a while. Then you climb up on his face, facing the headboard, and stay there until he gets you off a couple of times. This will take a while, since he just helped you to an orgasm with his hand an hour earlier.

When you’re satisfied, you get back in bed and cuddle for as long as you want. When you’re ready to go to sleep, you climb up on top of him, kiss him, turn off his light, roll over, turn off your light, and go to sleep.

“That’s the first scene. Any questions?”

Harmony asked, “I leave him chained to the bed all night?”

“Yes. Your husband is not allowed to touch your breasts, ass, or pussy without your permission. By chaining him to the bed, you’re sure that he can’t touch you while you’re sleeping.”

“Oh, okay.”

The next scene opens with your husband coming home from work. He’s dressed in business casual. You’re wearing a blouse with a bra, and a skirt. You give him a kiss, and tell him Richard is coming over to spend the night. Your husband knows what comes next, so you don’t have to tell him anything else.

You follow your husband upstairs to the bedroom. You watch him get undressed and go to the bathroom. When he comes out, you lock his wrists behind his back with the same leather wrist restrains you used on him the night before. You hook the wrist chain to a hook on the wall, so that he’s standing bent over.

You undress like you’;re going to take a shower. You bring the bra you were wearing over to your husband, and have him clench the hook band or or eye band in his teeth. You take a shower , put on makeup, and pick out a negligee to wear.

If your husband is still holding your bra, thank him for his effort, and toss the bra into a hamper. If he dropped the bra, pick it up, toss it into a hamper, and tell him that you’ll punish him after your boyfriend Rick leaves. Be matter of fact in your tone.

Unhook your husband’s wrist chain from the bedroom wall, and have him follow you down two flights of stairs into the basement. With his wrists locked behind his back , you should get to the basement long before your husband. Act impatient as you lock his wrist chain to a chain attached to the wall, open a water valve above his head, turn on a baby monitor, and leave.

The chain attached to the wall is a 36 inch length of chain attached to the wall about 6 inches off the floor. He will be able to sit, lie down, or kneel. The chain is too short for him to stand up.

The water valve above your husband’s head is attached to the upstairs bath / shower drain. The only water he will have to drink while your boyfriend’s over will be shower drain water.

“Ooh, that’s nasty,” Harmony expressed.

Rick chimed in, “So if we pee in the shower…”

“Yes, what ever you do goes down the drain. Let me continue.”

When Rick comes over, you’ll have the baby monitor transmitter with you, so your husband can hear everything you both say. You give him a kiss, and go into the kitchen. He sits on the sofa in the living room.

You call him for dinner. Dinner is steak and mashed potatoes. You sit down together at the dining room table and ask him about his day. He tells you about his day throughout the dinner. Rick and Harmony, we’re expecting you to come up with this monologue.

After dinner, you sit and watch TV. By now, Rich has pulled your negligee off, and you’re naked. You’ll remain naked for the entire time Rick is over. He manhandles your tits while you watch TV. You suck his dick on and off.

You go upstairs and help Rick undress. You get into bed. You kiss him and rub your body against his for a while. Then you climb up on his cock in a cowgirl position, facing the headboard, and stay there until he gets you off a couple of times.

When you’re satisfied, you get back in bed and help him get off. When you’re ready to go to sleep, you kiss him, turn off the lights, and go to sleep.

While you and Rick are intimate, we’re going to cut away to your husband, sitting on the basement floor, listening to your fun. Locked up in more ways than one, not even able to masturbate while you and Rick are fucking.

“That’s the second scene. Any questions?”

“Nope, we’re good.”

The next scene opens with Harmony and Rick in bed. You have some morning sex, and Rick takes a shower while Harmony goes down to the kitchen and makes breakfast. Rick, you stay in the shower for a while so Harmony has time to make the breakfast and bring a plate down to the basement for her husband.

Harmony brings the plate of food to the basement for her husband, but puts it out of his reach. Harmony, you would be matter of fact and say something like, “Here’s your breakfast, darling,” put the plate on the floor, and leave.

“That’s mean,” Harmony interjected.

“Yes, it is. Your husband wants you to act like a cruel sadistic bitch at times. One of those times is when you have your boyfriend over. But he wants you to be matter of fact when you’re being cruel.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Let’s go over some of the script again. You chain your husband to the bed and use him like a sex toy. You chain him to the wall and have him hold your bra with his clenched teeth. You chain him to the basement wall so he is out of the way of you and your boyfriend. You bring him food, but put the food out of his reach. You need to be matter of fact when you do these things. No extra excitement in your voice. It’s like you’ve done these things so many times that they’re normal for you and your husband.”

“Okay, I’ve got it.”

Rick comes down to the breakfast table, and you eat together. You talk about how glad you are that Rick came over. Rick should ask you if you brought breakfast to her husband. Harmony would answer, sure or yes. You both have a laugh together.

After breakfast, you both watch TV. Like before, Rick plays with your tits and you play with his cock.

You can go upstairs to have one more round of sex. Afterwards, Rick takes a shower and talks about leaving. Harmony, you ask Rick a few times if he can stay longer. You’re not being verbally humiliating, but you’re making it clear to your husband that you want your boyfriend to stay as long as possible.

Harmony, after you help Rick get dressed and he leaves, you clean up in the kitchen. After that, you go downstairs to see how your husband is doing.

You close the water valve and unlock your husband from the wall, but leave his wrists locked together. He follows you up to the bedroom. With his wrists locked behind his back , you should get to the bedroom long before your husband. You act impatient as you lock him to the center of the bed, similar to how you locked him to the side of the bed in the first scene. You get the cock cage key from your jewelry box, unlock his cock cage, and teasingly masturbate him, while he can smell the scent of sex on you and in the sheets. You tell him what you and Rick did all weekend. You’re happy as you relate your weekend sexual adventures to your husband.

You have your husband guess how many orgasms you and Rick had. He has to keep guessing until he gets the right number. This is an important number for him to know, although we won’t explain or show why in this movie.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” Harmony asked, “Why is the number of orgasms I’ve had with Rick so important for my husband to know?”

“Remember when I said your husband can’t touch your breasts without your permission.”


Your husband has to earn his breast caressing time. You allow him to caress your breasts for 2 seconds for every orgasm he helps you to have. He has to accumulate a minute before you’ll allow him to caress your breasts.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of work for so little reward.”

“It gets better. For every orgasm that you and Rick have in your marital bed, your husband loses 3 seconds of breast caressing time.”

So, if I have 6 orgasms with Rick, my husband has to help me orgasm 9 times just to get back to where he was? 15 orgasms for me and nothing for him? No wonder I want Rick to stay longer.”

“Exactly. Let me finish.”

The scene ends with clips of you taking your hand away from his hard cock. You take your hand away slowly, like it’s an ordinary thing to do. We’ll have 3 or 4 clips that show you’re not letting him cum or even get close to cumming.

“That’s the third scene. Any questions?”

“Nope, I think we’ve got it.”

“Okay, you have 2 days to write your monologues. Then we’ll have a dialog walk through of the script. See you then.”

Our Orgasm Calendar

July 15th, 2014

I had 4 today, and you helped with one.

I write 4 / 1 on the calendar hanging on the wall of our bedroom for today’s date. The numbers represent the number of orgasms my wife had today, and the number of orgasms I helped her have.

My wife keeps my cock locked up in a stainless steel chastity cage. She’s free to have all the orgasms she wants, while I’m limited to around one orgasm a month. About three years ago, my wife decided that keeping track of our orgasms on a calendar would be an easy way for her to sexually tease me.

My wife has a boyfriend that she sees 2 or 3 times a week. She can orgasm by masturbating, by fucking with her boyfriend, and with my help. The calendar shows me just how many orgasms she has without my help.

Also, I’m not allowed to touch my wife’s massive breasts without her permission. She has me earn my breast touching time by helping her to have orgasms. For every orgasm I help her to have, she allows me to caress her breasts for 2 seconds. I have to accumulate a minute of time, or at least 30 orgasms, before she’ll actually sit down and allow me to caress her breasts. I may only caress. I may not squeeze her breasts or touch her nipples.

So, during the month, I write down her orgasms, one pair of numbers for each day, before we go to bed. If she’s spending the night at her boyfriend’s apartment, I write down the numbers when we go to bed the next night.

If I’m lucky enough to be stroked to an orgasm during my edging session, I write an “O” on the calendar day. If I’m allowed to caress her breasts, I write a “TT” on the calendar for tit touching. She calls it tit touching, but I must refer to it as breast caressing.

On the first day of each month, I have to calculate the following orgasm totals for the prior month, and create a new calendar sheet for the current month. I use a spreadsheet to do the math.

These are her orgasm totals:

  • Her orgasms for the month
  • Her orgasms for the year to date
  • Her orgasms since she started controlling my orgasms

These are my orgasm control totals:

  • My orgasms since she started controlling my orgasms
  • Days since my last orgasm
  • Days since my last breast caress
  • Her orgasms that I helped her with since my last breast caress

The current numbers from last month’s calendar for her are:

  • 47 orgasms last month
  • 234 orgasms year to date
  • 1,381 orgasms since we started

and for me:

  • 35 orgasms since we started
  • 12 days since my last orgasm
  • 15 days since my last breast caress
  • 19 orgasms where I helped

I have to memorize her numbers, and give one of them as an answer when my wife asks. She’ll ask me to tell her one of our numbers about once or twice a week.

I have to keep track of the last 3 numbers for the current day, and give one of them as an answer when my wife asks. I just add the day of the month to the number to get 2 of the answers. Since today is the 15th, it’s been 27 days since my last orgasm and 30 days since my last breast caress. It’s important for me to keep track of the number of orgasms where I helped, since when I get to 30, I can ask my wife if she’ll allow me to caress her breasts. I’m currently at 26 orgasms where I helped.

The calendar helps both of us keep track of my orgasm control, as well as reminding me every day about how many orgasms my wife is having, and how many she’s having without my help. It’s one way she teases me sexually without having to do anything herself.


February 11th, 2014

Recently, I found a picture that I really liked. I wrote a caption for the picture. And now, I’ve written a story based on the caption.

“Kneel”, my wife commanded.

One minute I was standing in the front yard talking with my wife, Stacey. The next, I knelt on the grass and locked my eyes on her massive breasts. Most women, especially busty women, have to keep saying, “Eyes up here”. Stacey likes to reverse tropes whenever she can, so she has me look at her breasts when I’m kneeling. Her breasts are right at my eye level when I’m kneeling.

This was the first time Stacey had ever commanded me to kneel outside. I wondered why.

Stacey read my thoughts. “You’re kneeling in the front yard so three of our neighbors can see you worship me. Tonight, they’re coming over. You may get up now and resume the yard work.”

I went back to edging the front yard, but my mind wasn’t on the yard work anymore. I’d wondered if the neighbors knew about Stacey sexually teasing and denying me. Now I knew at least three of our neighbors knew.

I finished up the yard work and went inside to take a shower. While I was in the shower, Stacey peeked in and said, “Don’t bother getting dressed. Just put your robe on.”

I went into the bedroom and put my robe on after my shower. Stacey was busy in the kitchen making dinner, so I checked emails and looked at some posts on Reddit until I heard her say, “Dinner’s ready”.

We were both quiet during dinner. I think we were both thinking about the neighbors coming over later. After dinner, I helped Stacey clear the table while she loaded the dishwasher. I went back to the computer and read some more posts on Reddit until I heard the doorbell ring.

By the time I got to the living room, Stacey had let our neighbors in. Patricia, from across the street, and Shannon and Aaron, two doors down. I’d barely had a chance to say “Hello” when Stacey commanded, “Show them your cock cage.”

I opened up the robe and showed my neighbors my stainless steel cock cage. The cage is an inch and a half long, and locks to a hinged ring around my cock behind my balls. It makes my cock look really tiny. Patricia let out an involuntary gasp. Shannon just stared, while Aaron looked back and forth from the cage to his wife. I started wondering if Stacey had convinced Shannon that tease and denial was something she would enjoy.

Stacey had my Kali’s teeth cock ring in her hand, and she handed it to Patricia. Patricia felt the nail points on the inside with her finger tips, and passed the ring to Shannon. Shannon made a big show of showing the ring to Aaron. Aaron kept shaking his head no. I understood why. I’d worn Kali’s many times, and I wasn’t used to how much it hurt when my cock stiffened.

It was obvious that Patricia and Shannon had seen the Kali’s teeth cock ring before. I wasn’t sure whether Aaron had seen the ring before.

Shannon handed the Kali’s teeth cock ring back to Stacey. Stacey was wearing the necklace with my cock cage key. I hadn’t noticed when she slipped into the bedroom and put the necklace on. It was probably when I took my shower.

Stacey looked at me, grinned, and commanded, “Hold still”. I remained motionless as Stacey took my stainless steel cock cage off. My cock sprang to attention. I grimaced as Stacey locked the Kali’s teeth cock ring on. The nail points were already digging into my cock.

Stacey stepped back, and got herself a cigarette. Resting her right hand on her breast, she lit the cigarette and took a puff.

I grimaced again. For some reason, I get hard when I see Stacey using her breast as a table or a support. She knew that she had that effect on me, especially when I was wearing the Kali’s teeth cock ring.

“Lock yourself in the cinder block stocks,” Stacey commanded.

I moved the two cinder blocks in the corner of the living room to a place right in front of the TV, stacking one on top of the other. I took off my robe and sat down on the floor. I put my feet and ankles through the two holes of the lower cinder block and locked my ankles together with ankle cuffs. I put my hands and wrists through the two holes of the upper cinder block and locked my wrists together with handcuffs.

Once I’d finished locking myself in the cinder blocks, I heard Stacey say, “See how well trained he is. He locks himself up while I watch.”

Stacey walked over to the entertainment center, turned on the TV and DVD player, and picked out a lesbian porn DVD to put in the DVD player. She put headphones on my head, so that she could talk to her guests while I watched and heard the DVD.

I had no idea what else happened until after the DVD finished. Stacey removed the headphones and unlocked me from the cinder blocks. Patricia, Shannon, and Aaron had already left.

Stacey unlocked the Kali’s teeth cock ring. She looked at the marks left by the nail points. She held ice against my cock and balls until my cock shriveled up enough to be locked into the stainless steel cock cage.

Later that night, after I’d eaten Stacey to two orgasms and we were lying in bed together, she told me what she and our neighbors had talked about while I watched the lesbian DVD.

At first, Patricia and Shannon just watched me watch the lesbian DVD. Although they couldn’t hear the sound from the DVD, they heard my moaning as the nail points of the Kali’s teeth cock ring dug in. Stacey told them all the different ways she tortures me for her sadistic pleasure. She told them about her boyfriend. She told them how I had to earn the time to fondle her breasts, while her boyfriend got to manhandle them as much as he wanted. She told them about her implants, and let Patricia and Shannon squeeze her breasts to feel how firm they were.

The neighbors left about 2/3’s of the way through the lesbian DVD. I know they heard all about Stacey’s sexual teasing beforehand. But seeing is believing.

I wonder what’s in store for Aaron?


January 28th, 2014

One aspect of my tease and denial fantasy that has puzzled me is my desire to be tormented or tortured by my wife. I am a masochist, and I enjoy a slow steady suffering as an offering to her sadistic tendencies.

Here are some recent captioned pictures that illustrate some of the sadistic things that my wife might do.

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Bowling Ball Sack
Extra Squeezes
How’s It Hanging

Recently, I’ve realized that a woman would have to have some sadistic tendencies to be able to sexually tease her husband for months and years. Just to take one point, my wife would have to be comfortable with having 30 to 40 orgasms in a month with my help, with her boyfriend, and by her own hand, while she lets me have one. A woman would not consider that “fair”, unless she understands that her husband considers it “fair” and that he wants her to enjoy herself sexually. The numbers don’t matter to him, and hopefully they don’t matter to her.

A sadistic woman might see if she can increase the orgasm discrepancy to 50 to 1 or even higher. Hopefully by having more orgasms herself, rather than making her husband wait longer. For some women and some men, the orgasm discrepancy numbers do matter. The higher the better, for both the woman and the man.

While I would like my wife to keep her sadistic tendencies in check when sexually teasing me, I would want her to explore her sadistic tendencies when she’s tormenting me. For me, the torments are a spice, not the main dish. I would ideally like to be tormented no more than once a week. The actual frequency would depend on what my wife wants.

Kneeling Bench

October 28th, 2013

A little over a year ago, I saw a picture that changed the way I thought about kneeling.

Woman Forced to Kneel

When a woman kneels on the floor, all of her body weight is on her kneecaps. Her toes are in an awkward position. Sure, you can restrain a woman in a kneeling position and keep her there as long as you want. But that particular form of torment didn’t appeal to me.

When I saw the bench the woman in the picture was kneeling on, I knew I had come across something much more practical than kneeling on the floor. Her feet hang off the bench. The bench supports her entire lower leg, to spread her body weight across the surface of the bench.

The purpose of having someone kneel on a bench isn’t to inflict maximum pain. The purpose is for a person’s legs to go numb. Since she’s suspended by her arms, her arms and the sides of her body will also go numb. The wrist restraints should be wider if she’s going to be kneeling for a long time, to keep from pinching a nerve in her wrists. The ropes keep her from picking up one leg or the other to relieve the numbness.

I wouldn’t be explaining all of this if it didn’t have something to do with my tease and denial fantasy.

In my fantasy, we have a kneeling bench and suspension bar in the bedroom. My wife calls me into the bedroom, and tells me to get undressed. She has me kneel on the bench, and locks my wrists to the suspension bar with leather wrist restraints. She ties my ankles together and to the bench, and ties my calves together. She cranks the suspension bar up until my knees come off the bench, then releases the bar 5 notches, so that my body is taut. Finally, she puts a kitchen timer on the wall where I can see it, to taunt me with how many hours and minutes I’ve been kneeling.

My wife gets ready for her boyfriend coming over. She takes a shower, puts makeup on, picks out some lingerie to wear for him. When she’s ready to go downstairs to wait for his arrival, she decides whether I’ll continue wearing the regular stainless steel cock cage, or if she’ll put the spiky cock ring on, for even more torment. At this point, my body is already numb, having knelt for about an hour.

I can hear the front door opening and closing when my wife’s boyfriend arrives. I can’t hear much else. This is the boring part of the torment for me, and I find myself looking at the kitchen timer on the wall too many times. Finally, they come upstairs to the bedroom to have sex. At this point, I’ve been kneeling for over 2 hours.

My wife and her boyfriend ignore me while they’re having sex. I’m not aroused by the sex. I’m aroused by how happy my wife appears while having sex with him. She has a relationship with him. It’s different than the relationship she has with me, but it’s a relationship.

After a long time, my wife and her boyfriend are lying on the bed, relaxing. Her boyfriend asks me a few questions.

How long have you been kneeling?

3 hours and 40 minutes, sir. (I have to reply to him with sir.)

Do you want us to hurry up and finish?

No sir. You take all the time you want with my wife, sir.

When’s the last time your wife stroked you to an orgasm?

5 weeks ago, sir. My wife always denies me for a bit longer when she wants to torment me like this. It’s more humiliating when my wife and her boyfriend have just orgasmed in front of me.

Her boyfriend grabs my wife’s breasts and manhandles them for a couple of minutes.

When’s the last time your wife let you fondle her tits?

3 weeks ago, sir.

My wife and her boyfriend go back to having sex. Finally, he decides it’s time for him to go. She helps him get dressed and takes him downstairs to see him off.

When my wife comes back upstairs, she looks at the kitchen timer. She doesn’t release me right away, but takes a shower and gets dressed.

When my wife does release me, after 5 or more hours of kneeling, she unties my legs first. She cranks the suspension bar up until my kneels are off the kneeling bench. She pulls the bench out from under me. My numb legs dangle under me, providing me with no support. She lowers the suspension bar until I’m sitting on the floor. She unlocks my wrists, and I collapse into a lump on the floor.

If my wife is feeling sweet, she’ll help me massage my arms and legs until I can crawl into bed. If not, she leaves me in a lump and goes to do something else. I eventually make it into bed after about 10 or 15 minutes.

Crawling Torture

April 2nd, 2013

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a particular torture that my sadistic tease and denial fantasy wife would enjoy doing to me.

We would drive to her boyfriend’s house to spend two or three days. That first night, I would sleep on the sofa in the living room, while my wife would sleep (or not) upstairs with her boyfriend.

The next morning, my wife and her boyfriend would come downstairs, They would let me drink as much water as I want. Afterwards, my torture would start.

I would get undressed. I’d still be wearing my stainless steel cock cage. My wife would lock my wrists behind my back with a pair of leather wrist restraints and a padlock. My wrists would remain locked behind my back until it was time to leave.

We would go outside to the patio facing the back yard. My wife’s boyfriend would put barbell weights and an 8-foot length of chain in a kids red wagon. They would walk to the furthest corner of the backyard. I would follow, pulling the red wagon.

When we reached the furthest corner of the backyard, I would put the chain through the hole in the center of the barbell weights, and lock it with a padlock. Then, I would put the barbell weights on the ground.

I would kneel down on the ground. My wife would lock my ankles and the weighted chain together with a pair of leather ankle restraints and a padlock.

Then, my wife and her boyfriend would return to the house.

The object is for me to crawl back to the patio, dragging the barbell weights behind me. It’s difficult enough to crawl with your ankles locked together. It’s much more difficult to do so dragging barbell weights behind you.

My wife and her boyfriend know how much weight I can drag and get to the patio by dusk. They also know how much weight it takes before I cannot crawl at all. They choose a weight somewhere in between those weights, so that no matter how hard I work, I get back to the patio sometime in the night. Or not.

It doesn’t matter to my wife and her boyfriend how close to the patio I get. The next morning, they bring out a mixing bowl full of water. My wife puts the bowl down about 20 feet away from where I’m lying. They watch me crawl to the bowl of water, and when I get there, I lap it up like a dog. Afterwards, my wife unlocks my ankles, and I put the weights in the red wagon. If they want to add weight, I unlock the chain, add the weight, then lock the chain again. Weight is never taken away.

We go back to the farthest corner of the back yard, and I resume my crawling torture while my wife and her boyfriend enjoy themselves in the house.

My wife enjoys this torture because she doesn’t have to do anything. If I just kneel and don’t try to crawl, I’ll get severe sunburn. I have to crawl at least as far as the trees in the back yard to stay out of the sun. If I just crawl to the trees, the bugs will keep me from getting much sleep.

It’s in my best interest to try and crawl as close to the patio as I can before I collapse from exhaustion,

My wife doesn’t care whether I make it to the patio or not. She can just add more weight if she thinks my crawling was too easy.

For that matter, I don’t know if they watch me or even think about me during the day. The only time I know they’re watching is when they bring the mixing bowl of water out for me.

When it’s time to leave, my wife unlocks my wrists. I take a shower, and get dressed in the same clothes I came in.

I wouldn’t like to be tortured like this every week, but it’s erotic to know that my wife is capable of sadistic torture. Especially when she has her boyfriend to distract her.

One Touching Second

March 23rd, 2013

Here’s another of my stories. I’m surprised that I never thought about what it would be like to live with another couple and have two women tease and deny me.

Julie and Patricia sexually tease me and are sexually fulfilled with Chuck

Riding home from work on the train, I thought about my life. Seven years ago, I met my wife, Patricia. We were married five years ago, and we’ve had a happy tease and denial relationship. My wife keeps my cock locked up in a stainless steel cock cage and sexually teases me. Her boyfriend sexually satisfied her in the ways she denied me.

A couple of years ago, Patricia became friends with another woman, Julie. Julie took an interest in our tease and denial relationship. She came over to watch my wife edge me and torment me, After a couple of months, my wife watched while Julie edged me and tormented me. A few months later, Julie and her husband Chuck moved in with us. After that, my wife stopped seeing her boyfriend. Why bother going out to fuck, when you live with someone that will fuck you when you want.

As the train pulled into the station, I remembered Chuck’s work schedule. Chuck works as a auto mechanic at Firestone. Firestone is open from 7 am. to 7 pm. One week Chuck works in the morning from 7 am till 4 pm. The next week, Chuck works from 10 am till 7 pm. Chuck works every other Saturday and Sunday, and gets the following Monday and Tuesday off. Today, Friday, he worked the early schedule. I think he has to work this weekend too.

Me, I work in in Washington DC as a computer specialist. I have regular hours, but the commute keeps me away from 5:30 am to 6 pm.

I drove home. When I got home, I could heat Chuck, Julie, and Patricia upstairs having fun in the master bedroom. I put a clean ashtray in the living room, dumped the ashes from the dirty ashtray, and cleaned the ashtray in the kitchen sink.

Looking in the refrigerator, I found a plate of food for me. I heated the plate in the microwave, and sat down at the dining room table to eat. Afterwards, I put the plate in the dishwasher, and went up to my bedroom. I brought the dirty ashtray back down to the kitchen, dumped the ashes, cleaned it, and went back to my bedroom to play on the computer.

After a couple of hours of playing games on the computer, I felt sleepy. I could still hear Chuck, Julie, and Patricia having fun. I went to sleep, my cock limp in my cage. I’ve heard their bedroom fun too many times to get aroused anymore.

I woke up at 4 am. Saturday morning, even though the alarm was turned off. I’m used to waking up early because of my work schedule, and I like to have some time to myself before everyone else wakes up. I took a shower and put my pajamas back on. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today, so why bother getting dressed. I sat down at the computer to play some games.

My wife stuck her head in the bedroom door and said, “Breakfast is ready.” I looked at the computer clock. It was quarter after 6.

I went down to the dining room. Chuck was already eating, since he had to leave for work soon. Julia and Patricia were sitting at the table naked. This wasn’t unusual. The women dressed or undressed however Chuck wanted when he was home. Mostly, he wanted naked.

I sat down, and Julie put some scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast on my plate. Outside of the sexual teasing, Julie was nice and polite to me. It was early, so no one wanted to talk much.

Chuck finished eating first. He got up, and both women got up with him. He kissed Julie goodbye, and gave her C cup breasts a huge squeeze. He kissed Patricia goodbye, and played with her E cup breasts for a couple of minutes before he left. I hand wash their bras once a week on Sunday, so I know what size bras they wear (32C and 40E).

Julie and Patricia sat down and finished their breakfast with me. After they finished, they went upstairs to get dressed. They had no reason to be naked with me.

After I finished breakfast, I cleared the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I had just come out of the kitchen when I saw Julie and Patricia sitting on the sofa. They both had a blouse and a skirt on. I went over to see what they wanted.

“We want you to hold our ashtray.” Julie said. I knew what that meant. I took off my pajamas, and put them on a chair in the living room.

Julie and Patricia got up, and unlocked my cock cage with the key each wore on a necklace. My cock cage had two padlocks, so both women had to be present to unlock the cage. Julie tied my wrists together in front of me with nylon rope. She tied the ends of the rope to my balls, so I couldn’t extend my arms fully. I knelt on the carpeted floor and Patricia put a huge glass ashtray in my hands.

Julie sat to my left, smoking with her right hand, while Patricia sat to my right, smoking with her left hand. There was a gap of about two feet between them, where I knelt. When one of them wanted to flick her ashes, she would wait until I stretched my arms as far as a could towards her cigarette. Then she would flick the ashes in the ashtray.

In other words, I had to pull on my balls every time one of the women wanted to flick her ashes.

While they smoked, I had plenty of time to look at them. The sunlight streamed in through the living room window. Neither woman wore a bra, so I could see their nipples clearly through the blouse in the bright light. They spent their time smoking and reading magazines. While they relaxed, I was just another piece of furniture to them.

Julie went upstairs and brought the Kali’s teeth cock ring with her. Patricia took the ashtray from my hands, and helped me stand up. Julie untied the rope from by balls, and locked Kali on my cock. I felt the nail points push into my swollen cock. Julie untied my wrists, and told me to lock myself to the cinder blocks while they watched.

In the corner of the living room, there were 2 cinder blocks. I put the cinder blocks on the floor in front of the TV, one on top the other. I sat down on the floor, and put my ankles through the cinder block on the floor. After I got my ankles through the holes, I locked them together with a pair of ankle cuffs. I put my arms through the cinder block on top, and locked my wrists together with a pair of handcuffs.

Julie got up, picked a lesbian porn DVD that she wanted me to watch, and put it in the DVD player. Once the video started, Patricia turned to me and said, “The women in this house cum whenever they want.” Then Julie and Patricia left. I knew I’d be sitting in the living room watching the video porn until the end.

An hour later, Julie and Patricia came back to the living room. They sat down on the sofa, and watched me watch the video until it ended. I have no idea if they did anything sexual while they were gone or while they sat on the sofa behind me watching me. When the video ended, Julie put the DVD away and unlocked me from the cinder block stocks. She left me in Kali as the women brought me back to my bedroom.

Julie chained my wrists the the headboard and my ankles to the foot board. She climbed on my face while Patricia sat in a chair.

I was surprised that Julie wanted me to eat her pussy. I thought that she would have been satisfied by Chuck last night and this morning. However, it didn’t take long to figure out that I was going to have to work hard to get Julie off. She rode my face for a long time before I finally made her cum. With her skirt on, I couldn’t see anything but her pussy.

Patricia gave me a few minutes of rest before she climbed up on my face. I had to work almost as hard to get Patricia off. Afterwards, they both left. My cock was almost numb from the nail points sticking me.

They came back about an hour later. They were both naked again. Julie unlocked Kali from my cock. Patricia straddled my thighs, and poured some baby oil on her right hand while Julie sat in the chair and watched. The oil felt very cold at first, but warmed up as Patricia stroked my cock with stiff, slow strokes.

I was feeling close to an orgasm when Patricia took her hand away. “I need to stretch my fingers for a while.” I was limp when she resumed stroking. Again, I felt close to an orgasm when Patricia took her hand away. She had a cigarette with Julie while my cock went limp again.

Again and again, Patricia edged me. She edged me 10 times before she said, “OK, that’s enough. Time to get back in your cock cage.”

Patricia cleaned my cock and balls with a washcloth and warm water in a bowl. She cleaned the stainless steel cock cage with some rubbing alcohol. After the alcohol evaporated in a few minutes, she locked the cage back on my cock. Julie locked her lock on the cock cage, and then unlocked me from the bed.

As Julie walked out the bedroom, she grinned and said, “I hope you enjoyed the 2 seconds of tit touching you earned by getting Patricia and I off today.” She laughed, “One fucking second per orgasm.”

I looked that the clock on the nightstand. Chuck was due to be home in about a half hour.

I sighed, knowing that the women would spend the rest of the evening with Chuck. I rubbed my wrists and ankles until they felt better. I turned the computer on, and played a computer game until dinner time.