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Breast Touching Torture

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

My tease and denial wife generally does not allow me to touch her breasts. She has me earn my breast touching time. I earn the time by helping my wife have orgasms. For each orgasm that I help her to have, with my mouth or my hand, I earn 2 seconds. I have to earn at least a minute before my wife will sit down and allow me to touch her breasts.

When I say touch, what I mean is caress. When I’ve earned enough time, and my wife agrees, we go to the bedroom. I sit down on the bed with my back against the headboard. My wife takes off her top and bra, and sits down on the bed with her back against my chest. She sets a kitchen timer, and tells me, “You may begin.”

I may only caress her breasts. I may not squeeze her breasts. I may not touch her nipples. When the kitchen timer goes off, I must remove my hands from her breasts.

If you’ve already done the math, I have to help my wife have 30 or more orgasms to caress her breasts for a minute. It usually takes me around 5 to 6 weeks to earn a minute.

The reason I’m telling you about my limited breast touching is so you’ll understand why I’m so willing to entertain her friend with benefits, Chuck.

When my wife wants to show Chuck what a sadistic bitch she can be to me, the three of us go out to the deck in the back yard. Chuck sits in a lounger to watch the show. My wife puts a noose around my neck. The noose prevents me from squatting or kneeling on the deck. I can stand and bend my legs slightly.

My wife ties my wrists together in front of me with a cord, runs the cord through a screw eye in the deck floor, and ties the other end of the cord to my balls. I can raise my hands as high as my wife’s waist. To raise my hands any higher, I have to bend my legs.

Once my wife has me securely tied up, she puts lots of baby oil on her breasts. Then she stands in front of me, lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and tells me, “You may play with my boobs until I finish this cigarette.”

I bend my legs as far as the noose lets me. I can raise my hands to about two inches under her breasts. To actually touch her breasts, I have to pull on my balls as hard as I can, If I bend my legs too much, the noose tightens around my neck.

After maybe 30 seconds, either my legs get wobbly or my balls hurt too much, and I have to straighten up and rest. My wife says something like, “That’s it? I let you grab my tits and you barely touch them.”

Chuck laughs.

The noose doesn’t loosen when I stand up. After resting for a bit, I try again. By the time she puts out her cigarette, I’ve touched the underside of her breasts with my finger tips for maybe a minute.

I have to be careful not to let the noose get too tight. The reason I have to be careful shows what a sadistic bitch my wife can be, especially when she wants to impress Chuck.

After she puts out her cigarette, she goes over to Chuck, and they start making out. It might be an hour or more before Chuck fucks her oily breasts. It’s not until Chuck has cum and relaxes on the lounger again that my wife gets up to untie me and take the noose off. Basically, I have to stand on the deck tied up watching them for as long as they want to fool around. I have my stainless steel cock cage on, so I can’t even get hard watching them fool around.

So basically, I put on a show for Chuck to get an extra minute of breast touching time.

Here’s a captioned picture to illustrate the torture: Oily Boobs

My Subservient Husband

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I’ve asked my fantasy woman, Sue, to write about her experiences with tease and denial.

We’ve been married for about 3 years now. When we were dating, Gilbert told me about his tease and denial fantasy. At first, I was shocked. It took me a while to get used to the idea of teasing him with my body.

On the other hand, dating was more enjoyable. I didn’t have to worry about Gilbert pushing me into the bedroom before I wanted to make the relationship sexual. If I came home from a date horny, my trusty vibrator took care of my desire.

By the time we started discussing marriage, we had talked enough about what Gilbert wanted. Basically, I was in complete control of the bedroom. I decided when I would receive sexual pleasure and I decided when he would receive sexual pleasure. I decided when I would orgasm, and I decided when he would orgasm.

On our wedding night, I locked Gilbert in a stainless steel cock cage. He spent the entire honeymoon pleasuring me orally.

About 3 months later, I was frustrated. Dildos and vibrators just weren’t enough anymore. Gilbert and I talked, and we decided that I needed a boyfriend. At first, I was apprehensive about having a fuck buddy.

A month later, I met Richard in the grocery store. He was having trouble finding things, so I helped him do his shopping. Later that night, I went over to his place. He’d just moved into the neighborhood, so I helped him unpack some boxes. Later, we fucked. He was just what I needed in my life.

Sometime later, I made my breast and ass off limits to Gilbert’s touch. I had a boyfriend now that took care of fondling me to my heart’s content. It was hard for him at first to keep his hands off my tits, but a few hours on the punishment chair convinced him I was serious.

Gilbert has to help me have 30 or more orgasms to caress my breasts for a minute. It’s amazing how hard he works to give me pleasure, just for that minute.

I’ve become more hedonistic since I’ve been in this relationship. I stay home and take care of the house while Gilbert and Richard work. I enjoy preparing food from around the world, I smoke, and I enjoy almost unlimited orgasms.

Gilbert has a smoking fetish. After a while, it was easy for me to associate smoking with sex. He likes to watch me smoke while I teasingly masturbate him. I have him light my cigarettes for me and keep the ashtrays clean. My pussy twinges now whenever I have a cigarette.

Between my vibrators, Richard, and Gilbert, I probably have 75 – 80 orgasms a month.

Richard and I have a fairly ordinary fuck relationship. I spend the night with him whenever he calls, and come home after Richard leaves for work. Gilbert has already left for work by the time I get home.

Gilbert pleasures me whenever and however I wish. A typical evening would be dinner, then TV. I’ll have him use his finger to get me off while we’re watching TV. We’ll go upstairs and kiss and cuddle for a while. If I’m in the mood, I’ll slide down the bed and hang my legs off the side. He’ll put a pillow on the floor, kneel down, and eat my pussy. Just seeing him kneeling between my legs is enough to turn me on. Usually, I’ll squeeze my breasts and nipples while he’s eating me. After I cum, we cuddle for a while, and go to sleep.

I’ll teasingly masturbate Gilbert at least once a week. I chain his wrists to the headboard and his ankles to the footboard. After he’s secure, I’ll get his cock cage key from my jewelry box, and unlock his cock cage. His cock springs to attention before I can get my clothes off. This is one of the few times I let him see me naked.

I straddle his thighs, put some baby oil on my right palm, and stroke his cock. Nice, even strokes. I can feel through my fingertips when he’s about to cum. I calmly take my hand away, and watch his body thrash. I’ll let him calm down until he’s flaccid before I stroke again.

I’ll bring him to the edge of orgasm 10 – 12 times before I let him cum, or just stop. Sometimes, after I’ve stopped but not let him cum, I’ll climb up on his face and make him get me off once or twice. There’s just something cruel about denying him while making him get me off that appeals to my sadistic nature.

Speaking of sadistic, I enjoy having Gilbert suffer for me at times. It makes me feel special that he’ll suffer quietly just for my enjoyment. I’ve had him kneel on unpopped popcorn kernels. I’ve had him lock himself in cinder block stocks for hours. I let him think up the torments he’s willing to endure for me.

Life is pretty good for me. I have a husband that adores me, and worships me in the bedroom. I have a boyfriend that lets me do pretty much what I want with him in the bedroom. I love my husband, and love the time we share. I care about my boyfriend, and enjoy the time we spend together.

I already know what would happen if I didn’t have a boyfriend. Instead of being happy as a bedroom bitch, I’d be a crabby bitch everywhere. As for my boyfriend, if I spent more than a day with him at a time, I’d be smacking him for being so overbearing and chauvinistic with me.

I guess you could say that Gilbert is my yin and Richard is my yang.

I’m glad I have both of them in my life. I’m a happy and a lucky woman.

Captioned Picture Pairs

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Sometimes, one picture isn’t enough to tell a story.

Here are some recent captioned picture pairs that I’ve done.

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Cruel Wife 1
Cruel Wife 2
Earn Your Time 1
Earn Your Time 2
Neighborhood Cuckold 1
Neighborhood Cuckold 2
Ogle Penalty 1
Ogle Penalty 2
Pedestal Worship 1
Pedestal Worship 2

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Slave Fantasy

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

My last post was about a NiteFlirt flirt I know who’s developing a tease and denial relationship with her husband. I’m glad that we’ve shared tease and denial ideas and I’m glad that her relationship with her husband is fun and strong.

Ever since we had that conversation, I’ve been fantasizing about what it would be like to join her household. I don’t think that her husband would like that, and I don’t think that they would want to support me, but it’s a fun fantasy to think about. This fantasy is based on things she’s told me, along with some of my own desires.

Her husband doesn’t enjoy pain and suffering. She wants the opportunity to be cruel, to induce pain and suffering. That would be my role.

Basically, I’m her slave.

She’d have her boyfriend to fuck, her husband to tease and deny, and me to torment. For her, the relationships together would be perfection. She’d have someone to fulfill all of her desires and fantasies.

For me, it wouldn’t be as much fun. I’d only have her attention when she wasn’t with her boyfriend or her husband.

She would lock me in a shed when she was with her husband. I’d be locked in the shed every night and all weekend. Being left alone so much would get boring pretty quickly, but this is a fantasy.

She would keep me naked and locked in a cock cage. I’d have blankets to keep me warm in the shed when the weather turned cold. I’d sweat when the days were hot and sunny. There’s a portable toilet in the shed for me to use.

A typical weekday would go something like this:

After her husband left for work, she would put some scraps of food in a dog bowl. She would come out to the shed with the food and water. She’d put the food and water down on the shed floor and watch me eat and drink.

After I finished eating, she would lock my slave chains on. Basically, my wrists would be locked together, using leather wrist restraints, with a 2-foot length of chain. My ankles would be locked together, using leather ankle restraints, with a 2-foot length of chain. Then the two chains would be locked together with a 5-foot length of chain.

I would go and do yard work, while she either watched me or went back in the house.

She would put lunch on the porch. Scraps of food and water in dog bowls. After eating, it would be back to the yard work, until an hour before her husband was due home from work. Then she would hose me off, and I’d go back in the shed till the next morning.

Monday mornings are special. On Monday, I’m allowed into the house to hand wash her underwear and hose. I’d be allowed to take a shower first. Then I’d wash her bras, panties, and hosiery in the bathroom sink. After hanging everything up in a basement room, she would take this time to be intimate with me. She might let me kiss her while she’s smoking, or allow me to fondle her breasts for a minute.

If she had any cruel indoor act she wanted to try, this would be the time set aside for the cruelty.

Afterwards, it would be time to go back outside and do more yard work.

Anyway, that’s the fantasy. I wish I could come up with something that would make the time spent locked in the shed less boring, but there’s just too much idle time to fill.

Developing a Tease & Denial Relationship, Part 1

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I’ve spoken on the phone with a flirt from NiteFlirt for a couple of years now. When we first started talking, she invited men over to her house and fucked them while her husband sat in a chair, watching and masturbating.

I had a chance yesterday to have a long conversation with her. In the last few months, she’s added tease and denial play to her cuckold relationship.

Now, she locks her husband in a basement room when her boyfriend comes over. She has him get undressed, and they go down to a small room in the basement. She locks his wrists behind his back, and attaches a chain from his wrists to an eyebolt in the wall about a foot off the floor. She locks chains from his ankles to the same eye, but his ankles aren’t locked together.

The wrist chain is long enough that he can sit, kneel, or lie on the floor. However, the wrist chain is not long enough for him to stand up. The ankle chains are longer, and allow him to move around some.

She has a baby monitor in the basement room. She keeps the baby monitor transmitter with her. She forces her husband to listen to what she and her boyfriend are doing. If, for some reason, she wants privacy, she can turn the baby monitor transmitter off.

Her husband is allowed to lie on his stomach and rub his cock on the carpeted floor while his wife is fucking her boyfriend. He may get himself off, but from what I understand, the carpet is rough and scratchy.

Most of the time, she only has her boyfriend over for 2 or 3 hours while her husband is chained in the basement. One time, she left her husband chained in the basement for 10 hours and spent the entire day with her boyfriend.

The teasing isn’t done when her boyfriend leaves. When she goes to unlock her husband, she’ll sit down, naked and pungent from the sex, and talk about how she feels and what she and her boyfriend did that made her excited. She’ll talk to her husband for a while before she unchains him. Why not? He’s not going anywhere, and if he’s smart, he’s not going to interrupt her.

On the rare occasions when she allows her husband to be in the bedroom, he’s tied to a chair. He’s no longer allowed to masturbate while she’s fucking. When the weather’s nice, she’ll tie her husband to a chair on the back porch, and fuck her boyfriend outside.

Her husband is no longer allowed to touch her breasts or ass whenever he wants. Anytime he reaches for her breasts or ass, she can tell him no. Once she says no, he’s not allowed to touch her for the rest of the day. She tells me that he enjoys the arbitrariness, that sometimes he can touch her and sometimes she doesn’t let him touch her.

He can still hug and kiss her. But he’s not allowed to touch her breasts or her ass after she says no. She’ll play with her breasts in front of him, and verbally tease him about his not being allowed to touch them.

We spoke about some other things she is going to try to add to the tease and denial games they’re playing. I’ll write about them after future conversations.

I’m envious of their relationship. I’m more into pain and suffering than her husband, and I prefer knowing what the rules are, rather than arbitrary decisions, but otherwise, she has the tease and denial relationship with her husband that I want to have with a woman.

If you’re a woman, and this sounds interesting to you, write me at

More Captioned Pictures

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I was snowbound this past week, so in between the snow shoveling, I went looking for pictures I could caption. I found quite a few.

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Goodnight Darling
20 Hours
Slave Chains
20 Guys

Your responses are appreciated.

Breast Tease Captioned Pictures

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Continuing on the breast tease theme, I’ve captioned 3 photographs on the subject of breast tease and denial. I like the clothed model in Perfect Spot the best, probably because the expression on her face matches the caption.

If you’re a woman interested in tease and denial and looking at these captioned pictures, please don’t compare yourself to the women in the photographs. I use the images of women that are available to me. In other words, write me at and let’s discuss our mutual interest.

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Perfect Spot
You Know The Rule

Your responses are appreciated.

Breast Tease Video

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

I came up with an idea for a video that fits my tease and denial fantasy, and wouldn’t be that difficult to shoot.

The video takes place in a basement, or a living room.

I am kneeling on the floor with my wrists bound behind my back and bound to my ankles. I’m naked, except for a cock cage.

The other people in the video are my fantasy top and her boyfriend.

The plot of the video is that my fantasy top is “rewarding” me by allowing me to watch her boyfriend fondle her breasts while she smokes a cigarette. After she finishes the cigarette, she and her boyfriend will leave the room, and the video will be over.

I’m guessing that the video would last maybe 10 minutes.

The video would start with a shot of the entrance to the room. The camera would be placed from my point of view, to show that I’m waiting for my fantasy top to enter the room.

Next, a camera would enter the room, showing me kneeling on the floor. The camera would be from my fantasy top’s point of view, like she’s entering the room.

Next, the camera would be back in my position. My fantasy top is standing about 5’ feet away from me, with her boyfriend standing behind her. She’s totally naked, or she’s wearing a bathrobe with the front open. Her breasts and pussy are totally exposed. He’s not very visible, but he’s naked or wearing a bathrobe.

The camera will remain in this position for the remainder of the video. Ideally, this would all be one take with no breaks or edits.

My fantasy top is standing next to a small table with her cigarettes, lighter, and an ashtray. A cigarette would already be mostly out of the pack, so she wouldn’t have to fumble with the pack on camera.

At this point, my fantasy top would say something about what a good pleasure toy I’ve been for her, and how much she appreciates the oral orgasm I helped her have before her boyfriend came over. She would be calm and matter-of-fact while speaking.

My fantasy top would get a cigarette and light it. After she took a puff, her boyfriend would reach around from behind her, fondle her breasts, and squeeze her nipples. She would emote that’s she’s enjoying his touch. She would take her time smoking the cigarette.

My fantasy top wouldn’t say much while her boyfriend was fondling her breasts. She would comment to him that she make me earn my breast fondling time by helping her have orgasms. She doesn’t have to be specific, but she could say something like “you’ve fondled my breasts more during this cigarette than my pleasure toy does in six months”. She could say other things as she feels appropriate.

The boyfriend would react by giving my fantasy top’s breasts a hard squeeze. She would moan in pleasure.

After my fantasy top puts out her cigarette, she’ll turn to her boyfriend, kiss him, and they leave the room. The camera lingers on the empty entrance way, and the video ends just as it started.

What do you think about my video idea?

I Can’t Be Mean

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Last night I was having a fun conversation with a phone sex operator.  She said something that I had heard several times before, and I even explored in one of my Literotica stories.

“I couldn’t be that mean to you.”

Now, I understand her feelings.  What led to that statement was me telling her about one part of my tease and denial orgasm control fantasy.  I wanted her to tie me to a chair, straddle me, and blow cigarette smoke in my face while I licked and sucked on her nipples.  The idea being that while I’m sexually arousing her, she’s making me suffer.  Hopefully, from my point of view, my suffering is arousing her even more.  In other words, she’s a bit of a sadist.

From her point of view, what she was doing would be considered mean.

From my point of view, what she was doing was teasing and arousing me, while getting aroused herself.  A type of foreplay that would eventually lead to her masturbating while I watch, since I’d still be bound to the chair.

Which leads me to the general rule I want to talk about.

It’s not mean if your partner wants you to do it.

I know, much easier said than done.  It’s a much easier statement to verbalize than to emotionally accept.

What the phone sex operator meant when she said “I couldn’t be that mean to you,” is several thoughts all rolled up into one expression.

Let’s break it down.

  • Blowing cigarette smoke in your face would be unpleasant for you.
  • I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.
  • I don’t want you to be upset with me.
  • I don’t want to do something that would look mean to other people.
  • I’m not a good person if I do mean things.

Yes, it’s undeniable that having someone blow cigarette smoke in your face is unpleasant.  I wouldn’t want anyone to blow cigarette smoke in my face except my fantasy top woman, and only at certain times.

So, why do I want my fantasy top woman to blow cigarette smoke in my face?

Because I want to suffer for her.

Ideally, as I said, she would take pleasure from my suffering.  But, if my suffering doesn’t arouse her, I want her to understand that my suffering arouses me.

Again, it’s not mean if your partner wants you to do it.

Generally, she’s having the correct reaction.  Most people would be uncomfortable and upset if you blew cigarette smoke in their face.  So, the vast majority of smokers learn not to blow cigarette smoke in someone’s face.

Just like my fantasy top would learn that I want her to blow cigarette smoke in my face.  At certain times.  To make the situation more arousing for me.

Some people worry too much what other people think about them and what they do.  I understand that fitting in is important, and that some peer pressure is for good reasons.  But there are times in an intimate relationship that you should do the things that will make your partner happy.  Doing something like blowing cigarette smoke in your partner’s face might not sexually arouse you, and that’s fine.  Arousing your partner will give you a good feeling and will probably sexually arouse you.

It’s not mean if your partner wants you to do it.

More bedrooms would be happy if couples followed this advice.

Two Or More Bitches

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

I’ve been looking for the woman of my dreams to fulfill my orgasm control fantasy.

A phone sex call this week reminded me that it’s also fun to think about 2 or more fantasy tops.

Almost any woman can act bitchy at times. But when you gather 2 or more women together, they can easily feed off of each other’s bitchiness. Together, women are capable of reaching new heights of bitchiness.

They can support each other, they can tag team tease, and they can leave the bottom man to do all of the chores that none of the women want to do, while enjoying each other for the fun, sensual times.

I’ve captioned a few pictures with two or more women. Maybe they will give you some ideas about how you can serve two or more bitches. By clicking, you agree that you’re not a minor and can see erotic photographs.

Annie Takes Over
Beach Fun
Christmas Delight
Completely Satisfied
Four Bitches
Hard and Frustrated
Long Long Time
Lovely Threesome
Watching Us
You Bitch

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