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My Literotica Stories

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I’ve just finished a new erotic short story, “Finding Tease and Denial, Part 2”.

This is the first story I’ve written since I’ve started this web diary. It’s the 49th story I’ve published on Literotica.

It’s a continuation of a story about a woman whose live in lover is her pleasure toy. She keeps her pleasure toy locked in a cock cage. While he uses his mouth, hands and toys to make her happy in the bedroom, she occasionally chains him to the bed and teasingly masturbates him. She might have 30 to 40 orgasms in a month, while she limits him to 1 or 2.

The woman also has a boyfriend that fucks her pretty much whenever he wants. He calls, and she drops everything to spend the night with him.

There are a couple of other fetishes that you might find surprising (or not, if you’ve read all my posts on this web diary.)

Finding Tease and Denial, Part 1
Finding Tease and Denial, Part 2 (the new story)

All my stories on Literotica

My author name on Literotica is chatbug.

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BDSM Christmas Thoughts

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Since Christmas is this week, I thought I’d share some of my BDSM Christmas thoughts.

I enjoy thinking about a naked woman decorating a Christmas tree, being careful not to let the tree branches poke her breasts.  If you wish, you can imagine a naked man decorating a Christmas tree.

I enjoy thinking of a naked woman bound under mistletoe, and having to kiss any man that comes up to her.  Having to endure the breast and pussy fondles is a nice plus.  If you wish, you can imagine a naked man bound under the mistletoe.

I enjoy thinking about finding new restraints under the tree, like leather wrist and ankle restraints, or a new suspender bar.

I enjoy thinking about being sexually teased and denied for a whole day as a Christmas present.

I enjoy thinking about being released from my cock cage for an extra Christmas orgasm.

I enjoy thinking about my fantasy woman giving me an extra couple of minutes of breast fondling as a Christmas present.

I enjoy thinking about my fantasy woman giving me to another woman for a day as a Christmas present.

I enjoy thinking about my fantasy woman spending the weekend between Christmas and New Years Day with her boyfriend.

I enjoy thinking about serving a holiday feast to my fantasy top and her friends, naked, my wrists and ankles bound.  Later, after everyone is satiated and relaxing, eating scraps out of a dog bowl for their amusement.

I enjoy thinking about pampering my fantasy top, above and beyond the usual.  A whole day of serving her meals in bed, bathing her, massaging her, using vibrators on her body and pussy.

Merry Christmas.

Breast Fondling

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

In the description of my fantasy woman (in Seeking a Woman to Adore, Part 2), I mentioned measured breast fondling. I’ve not seen much written about this fetish. Frankly, I’ve not seen much written about breast fondling at all.

Judging from some of the search queries that people use to find my web diary, fondling a woman’s breasts is a topic that interests a great many people. I know I find the subject interesting.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but it’s not obvious to a lot of people. Different men and different women respond differently to breast fondling. Different men and different women respond differently to almost anything.

I’m a man and I enjoy having my nipples played with. This includes touching, squeezing, nibbling, and biting. Ladies, if you’ve never played with your man’s nipples, you should give it a try and see how he responds.

As far as fondling a woman’s breasts, women can be divided into 3 groups.

Some women hate having their breasts or nipples fondled. Often, these women’s breasts and nipples are super sensitive, and most men are too rough. Try being very gentle.

Sometimes, women feel pain or discomfort when their breasts or nipples are fondled. Men, imagine a woman rubbing sandpaper on your cock. (Those men that like the sandpaper idea, imagine something you find abhorrent.) Now, whether this woman has a physical discomfort or a psychological discomfort is immaterial. Leave her breasts alone.

Some women are indifferent to having their breasts and nipples fondled. For whatever reason, these women have little or no feeling in their breasts and nipples. They might enjoy having their breasts fondled because the man in their life enjoys it, but otherwise, they get no physical pleasure.

Some women enjoy the physical sensations of having their breasts and nipples fondled. Yes men, there’s a psychological factor at work here. The more comfortable and relaxed that a woman is with you, the more likely she’ll enjoy having her breasts and nipples fondled. My fantasy top hopefully will fall into this category.

So, why do I want a female top that enjoys having her breasts and nipples fondled, if I also want her to limit my breast fondling time? I enjoy being teased by her, that’s why.

How is my female top supposed to satisfy her breast fondling desires if she limits my breast fondling time? By playing with them herself, or by having other men in her life to play with them.

Yes, there are women that enjoy fondling their own breasts, especially while they masturbate. Men, this shouldn’t be so hard to understand. Most men enjoy masturbating, even if we have a regular sex partner. Of course, it feels so much better to have a woman masturbate us.

It isn’t that far-fetched to see that some women enjoy fondling their own breasts and nipples. Similarly, they would prefer to have a man fondling their breasts and nipples, but it’s not always convenient.

It would be more of a tease to me if my fantasy woman had me earn limited time to fondle her breasts, while allowing another man unlimited fondling time. I’m pretty sure I’d be more envious of another man fondling my fantasy woman’s breasts than of another man fucking my fantasy woman.

As always, your on-topic comments are welcome.

Fantasy Top on the Bottom

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I sometimes imagine that my fantasy woman top is a switch. That she enjoys both topping me and bottoming to her boyfriend. I imagine this as another yin and yang that provides balance to her life.

I imagine her being tied up by her boyfriend. I imagine the boyfriend being very rough with her breasts. The same breasts that she only lets me fondle after earning my fondling time. The same breasts that she only lets me gently caress.

I imagine her boyfriend slapping her breasts. Pinching them. Squeezing them roughly. Tying them up. Putting clamps on her nipples. With her enjoying every breast and nipple sensation.

Now, while I wouldn’t want to watch my fantasy top and her boyfriend fuck, I wouldn’t mind watching her boyfriend torture her breasts. Preferably while tied up and wearing my Kali’s teeth cock cage, so that I suffer along with her.

I’ve watched video of a man torturing a woman’s breasts while imagining the woman in the video was my fantasy top and the man in the video was her boyfriend. I’ve even worn my Kali’s teeth cock cage while watching the video.

Other than the breast torture, I really don’t have any other mental images of my fantasy top bottoming to her boyfriend. I suppose he might tie her up and tease her pussy for a while. Make her wait for an orgasm while she provides him with plenty of oral sex. Her bottoming would be something that she and her boyfriend would have to work out between themselves.

I imagine that she’s a little peeved after spending time with her boyfriend. That bottoming to him aggravates her a little, and she takes her aggravation out on me for a day or so.

Here are 3 captioned pictures exploring my fantasy top bottoming to her boyfriend. By clicking, you agree that you’re not a minor and can see erotic photographs.

Defenseless Breasts
Dominant Couple
Get Out Now

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Captioned Pictures

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

One of my hobbies is to caption photographs. I find photographs of women in various poses and stages of dress, and add a caption to the photograph. The caption usually has to do with female domination, tease and denial, orgasm control, or cuckolding.

A cuckold is a married man whose wife has sex with other men. In current usage it sometimes refers to non-married couples in committed relationships as well, although the traditional meaning is a man whose wife has other male lovers and is open about her relationship with other male lovers.

Captioning a photograph is less work than writing a story, although sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words. I try to have the caption fit the picture, even if the caption doesn’t appeal to my fantasies. I’ve captioned over 200 photographs.

Here are 4 of my captioned pictures having to do with my orgasm control fantasy. I’ve decided to post links to my pictures, rather than the pictures themselves, so that you have to click to see them. By clicking, you agree that you’re not a minor and can see erotic photographs.

90 Seconds
Control Your Arousal
Nearly Impossible

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Seeking a Woman to Adore, Part 2

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

This is a continuation of the description of my fantasy.  You should read Seeking a Woman to Adore, Part 1 before reading this post.

My fantasy woman enjoys orgasm control and sexual tease and denial, as I described in part 1.  I hope she would also enjoy breast tease and denial, or more precisely, measured breast fondling.  I’ve not seen this fetish described anywhere, and I don’t believe that I’m the only man that would enjoy earning breast fondling time.

I enjoy fondling a woman’s breasts and playing with her nipples.  I enjoy sexually arousing a woman in this manner.  I would like my fantasy woman to be sexually aroused when her breasts are fondled and her nipples are played with.

However, I want her to forbid me from touching her breasts with my hands without her permission.  We would still embrace and kiss, my chest touching her breasts.

Further, I want to have to earn breast fondling time from her.  The arrangement that I would like is this.  For each orgasm I help her have, she will give me 2 seconds of breast fondling time, which she will let me accumulate.  So if we assume that I can help her have 30 orgasms a month, that would be 60 seconds of breast fondling.

I imagine that one evening when we go to the bedroom, I would ask her if I could use the breast fondling time I’ve accumulated.  She agrees, and after we undress, she gets a kitchen timer from the nightstand.

I sit down on the bed, my back against the headboard, my legs opened.  She sits in front of me, her back pressing against my chest.  I can look over her shoulder and see her breasts.

She sets the timer with my accumulated time, plus a few seconds, and puts it down on the bed.  She purrs, “You may touch my breasts now.”

I fondle her breasts and play with her nipples, feeling her quiver and listening to her mew.  When the kitchen timer goes off, I take my hands off her breasts.  If I don’t she’ll punish me later.

If I accidentally brush my hand against her breast other times, she’ll punish me later.

Since she knows I have a breast fetish, she takes every opportunity to tease me by walking around the house topless.  She enjoys showing off her breasts when we go out, wearing low-cut blouses.

There’s more to my measured breast fondling fetish and my orgasm control fantasy.  I have to discuss another 2 associated fetishes first before I can finish describing my measured breast fondling fetish.

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